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The Joy of Phonetics and Accents
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Louis Colaianni’s book offers a refreshing approach to speech training for actors. He argues cogently for a reassessment of the automatic demand for Standard Speech made by training programs and directors, highlighting the very questionable grounds upon which rules of ‘good speech’ have been based.

Colaianni has devised wonderfully entertaining phonetic pillow games for student actors which result in an exuberant liberation of their inherent multiphonological abilities. The games are a creative alternative to the tyranny of measurable standards whose applications in the name correct speech have humiliated generations of aspiring speakers and crippled the talents of countless young actors.

“This is a brilliant book on finding the joy in language through the study of sound and phonetics in the English language. A must-read for singers, actors, public speakers and anyone interested in the English language, Colaianni provides a unique approach to what could easily be a tiring subject. Colaianni seeks to make language tangible through his vocal exercises and his delightful idea of making alphabet pillows. Don’t just say language. Experience it! Taste it, touch it, play with it, love it, make it yours! his enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. Although written in a clear, easily understood manner, the joy he fells for sound will soon be yours once you begin to follow his simple instructions. Learn to love language!”
—Eva Kendrick, reader’s review,

“Far from denying the importance of ‘good speech’ The Joy of Phonetics throws open a door marked ‘This way to great speaking!’ and with sound common sense shows that versatile speaking and intelligibility are an integral part of the actor’s talent.”
—Kristin Linklater

“Louis Colaianni takes a subject which some people consider as dry as toast and turns in into a sensuous, full body experience. A way of radically rethinking what goes on when you talk. Guaranteed to produce student involvement.”
—Dramatics magazine

Bringing Speech to Life
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The companion workbook to The Joy of Phonetics and Accents by Claudia Anderson and Louis Colaianni, guides students to read and write in phonetics and to analyze their own accents and the accents of others.

“Anderson and Colaianni, by inviting rather than prescribing, by exploring rather than standardizing, by playing rather than fixing, and encouraging rather than judging, allow the speaker to engage creativity, imagination and joy in Bringing Speech To Life.”
—Bonnie N Raphael, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill